At the commercial level, there is plenty to interest the profit hungry industrialist. Apart from making easy to use devices for consumers, there is immense potential for the ancient techniques. Within agriculture, the old methods do not even have to be changed that much. Just adding the odd mechanical procedure to the efficient energy collection systems would prove the cost benefit.

Big business can employ the same domestic solar electrical generator, but apply it on a larger scale. The grand solar farms being built at the present can cut costs with the stone storage system by ameliorating the energy supply and producing power 24/7. Food factories can use solar heat cheaply by either cooking exclusively with the sun or just preheating industrial ovens. At the very least industry can put together flagship enterprises to inspire others.

There are many examples of working devices functional details and pictures. Along side this hard set, there are a series of more unusual designs that generally involve the building superstructure, which have not been undertaken yet. They serve to illustrate where modern industry can go if it chooses to adopt a serious sustainable solar model.

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