Artisan & Research

For the craftsmen, there is plenty of scope in using the long lost techniques. These are not the clumsy hammer and chisel methods, but the skills that allowed the ancient world to build precisely on huge scales. There are the seemingly impossible finishes placed on works of art long before the invention of modern devices. Artisans with an interest in the past know of these curious examples, if they wish to reproduce them, the details of how are laid out in ”The Sun Devices”.

Solar fields include, metalwork, ceramics, gems, jewelry, pottery, etching, glass making and stonework. The sun devices can produce the heats necessary for producing materials, along with cutting, melting  or vaporizing others.

Solar concentrator creating high temperatures

Parabolic Solar Concentrator melting rocks & metals

For scientific researchers there are interesting niche dish apps by virtue of the nature of modern materials. Many new materials require incredibly intense clean heats to be created. Whilst the sun dishes cannot compete with an industrial smelting plant, for small-scale production and research purposes they prove ideal. Jordan has already shown the way by producing new types of useful crystals at high temperatures with only ancient parabolic mirrors as the energy source.

The list of modern applications is even more diverse than the ancient world’s.

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