And Finally

Whilst the ideas above are aimed at the developed world, there is a primary need for this type of device in the developing world to help alleviate poverty. Several designs based on the ancient ones are already finding roles in helping the poorer farmers of the world meet both domestic and crop needs. Simple solar cookers provide benefits to the users and the wider communities by cutting fuel costs and environment destruction respectively. Secondly, the simplest manual style crop driers allow farmers to move along the food chain and improve their basic incomes for very little outlay. Both have found uptake in regional NGOs dealing with poverty alleviation.

Each of the areas above is dealt with within ”The Sun Devices”, it is not encyclopedic, but further developments are expected. Each device is described along with the materials needed and then set alongside construction details, working prototypes and issues. The aim is to allow people to develop the ancient designs and help move us toward a solar powered society. Each design is free to use, all that is asked is that any further useful information gleaned in practice is sent back to the website.

Saving the Planet

Ultimately, there are many more goals including a more resilient distributed power production base along with the decline in the dependence of people on big business. With this comes a reduction in the influence of commerce in our day-to-day lives that many would welcome. On a wider note, the reduction in the rapid use of our finite resources is worthy benefit that could also help protect the environment. Whether these methods can help reduce the disparities between rich and poor is a moot point, but it should make some lives a little easier to bear.

In the ancient world, the richest, most successful, long lasting cultures were powered and supported by this technology, maybe if we move a little toward their way of life we may leave similar legacies, who knows? If the ancient world can teach us anything it is about the longevity of civilization, some of these cultures lasted thousands of years, a prospect no modern model holds. Maybe with a little bit of sunlight …

Non-fiction Books & Research by Christopher Jordan

The Ark of the Covenant Operations Manual

The Great Pyramid Rainmaker

The Ancient Solar Premise

Secrets of the Sun Sects

The Sun Devices

The Math Behind Burning Mirrors

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