The Sun Devices

Buy The Sun Devices Now

Buy The Sun Devices Now

In ‘‘The Sun Devices”, Christopher Jordan expands on the ways in which the ancient methods from The Ancient Solar Premise can help craftsmen, industrialists and home users. Each application is simply an updated version of the techniques used by our ancestors for thousands of years. If they are widely adopted, there will be no energy shortages or battles over fuel reserves. We will live in a world of plenty fueled by the clean sustainable power of the sun.

The major problem that plagues the modern solar industry is the need to store the sun’s energy in an inexpensive and accessible form. This issue is at the hub of many arguments against the wide scale use of solar as a solution to today’s energy needs. It is ironic that this problem was solved thousands of years ago then ignored in favor of religious proclivities. The ancients stored solar energy in huge stones, housed in sealed chambers and used it to cook and dry crops when they needed.

Today the need to dry crops is limited to the farmer, but cooking is still a common requirement. Whilst solar cooking has found niche markets in the summer BBQ, it has not been widely adopted because of the cost and erratic nature of the sun. The main need today is for solar storage and electrical power generation. These areas are tackled with the same techniques that were used in the old world. The results are an amazing array of solar devices that have practical and fiscal value at both the domestic and industrial level.

An example from each of the areas helps to illustrate the point.

Domestic, Industrial, Craftsman & Research


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