New Histories

New Solar Histories

Whilst the power of the temples and devices can be calculated, there is a more hazy side to the trip back through time. In some cases, it is not easy to say for sure exactly what the tools and structures were used for, there is room for debate. This is explored to color the portrait of these sun people and elicit the causes of their demise. It is through these areas that the reasons for the erosion of the lifestyle can be understood. Whilst war, famine and plague may have played a part, the adoption of the more convenient fuels that prevailed, is unique to the sun cultures.

Unable to see the wood for the trees, may sum up the current views of the sun cults. The confusion emerges from the mild hocus pocus, religious dogma and contempt linked to these ancestors. These people spread a solar lifestyle around the globe that created the populations and cultures that we are the legacies of. After all their efforts, they are virtually ignored by modernity and its belief in its own linear ascent. These ancestors will be shown for what they knew, rather than what we would like them to be. The restoration of their knowledge is the very least owed to them.

The histories of South East Asia and Egypt are covered in unfortunately broad brush strokes to show how the solar technologies impacted the societies. These both make excellent exemplars for the other sun cults by comparison. It will take an expert in the region’s various histories to make full use of the knowledge contained in Secrets of the Sun Sects and The Ancient Solar Premise

New Histories of Religions

It is not hard to imagine how religious paranoia of the past led to a purge of the evidence of the solar premise. This is above all the case when the sun temples and miracles of light are reviewed. To realize this may still be the preserve today, is disturbing. In liberal times, it should not be necessary to shrink from an idea, though events suggest it may be wise.

Experience with a diverse group of people has taught that some find the far reaching religious inferences awkward to digest. Faith is hard to discuss because a storm is so easily started. At this stage it is not easy to imagine why the uses of pyramids and mirrors would cause the faithful issues but it has been the cause of some bizarre moments. The ideas may not be new to theologians, but the links via the devices are so direct that they have caused some emotional reactions. This is not a book for fundamentalists, as it is not easy to unlearn things once they have caused distress. A consequence is that some items have been left out unless they can be found in other published texts. Controversy is not the aim, understanding is. It may be naïve, but the goal is to bring systems that have worked well before back into the public domain, for the benefit of all.

A diverse set of religious artifacts and stories are reviewed under the solar paradigm. These include the Ark of the Covenant, The Brahman Shrines, Miracles of the Old Testament, Attributes of Gods, Tales from the Hindu texts, Neolithic gods and many more. It becomes clear that the two simple technologies have had a long and illustrious record in the secular and non-secular annuls of the world.

Non-fiction Books & Research by Christopher Jordan

The Ark of the Covenant Operations Manual

The Great Pyramid Rainmaker

The Ancient Solar Premise

Secrets of the Sun Sects

The Sun Devices

The Math Behind Burning Mirrors

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