Secrets of the Sun Sects


The Secrets of the Sun sects

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‘Secrets of the Sun Sects’ reveals a solar paradigm that embraces ancient cultures from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. It accomplishes this by showing how they made potent mirrors, able to turn stone to glass, vaporize metals and win wars. When this tool is combined with the operational details of the world’s iconic pyramids and temples, a drastic new view of the past is forced.

The most successful societies of antiquity were not worshiping the sun, they were using it to support their industry, arts and sciences. The wealth of evidence comes from old texts, relics, proofs and practical demos that anyone can carry out. These lead to far reaching and unifying implications for world history and religions.

Ultimately, the goal is not to change the past, but to open up bright new futures. With minor changes, the same devices are shown to be useful today. They can help the developed world move from fossil fuels and they provide a direct route to sustainability for developing nations. Christopher Jordan demonstrates that the sun was central to the success of many civilizations before and it can be again, if we choose.

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