The Ark

”The Ark of the Covenant Operations Manual” might be the most controversial manual that westerners will ever read. Many books have been written about the Ark, few show a working mechanic. Most dwell on the perceived history, probable location or theological implications. Whilst these areas are touched upon, this short book shines because it simply shows how.

The Manual is a focused expression of the broader Ancient Solar Premise (ASP), which covers thousands of misunderstood artifacts and sites. The simple principles that underpin the operation of an Ark are related in detail. Importantly, it shows how to build a device and perform the miraculous feats of the Old Testament. Surprisingly the capabilities can be achieved with objects many people have lying around the home.

Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant

There are two key elements to an Ark. There is the gilded chest with a couple of stones in the base and a sun disk propped up on the lid. Real examples of these devices and their effects from other biblical era cultures are found in museums. The first facet delivers virtually limitless energy; the second produces intensities higher than an industrial laser. Between them, they resolve a series of mythological tales and mysterious artifacts.

The science involved is known to any high school student. However, the extreme applications are not and these have truly profound implications. There are photos of the results of using the devices and video links showing the technology actually in use. These are backed up by the detail from a great deal of research and testing.

Whilst many theories have been posited on the working mechanic of the Ark, none shows anything like the same breadth of application. Few if any can be made with the tools and technology actually found in the museums. Most other ideas leave the working procedures to the imagination of readers and the science to future researchers. The Ark Manual leaves the reader with no doubts. The techniques can be set up and proved by anyone in a few hours.

Feats of the Old Testament

The myriad of uses of this power are mapped directly on to the Old Testament. The following feats and other equally renowned qualities are easy to reproduce under the principles laid out. The burning bush; writing in stone; the Voice of God; the Finger of God; the incredible stone cutting Shamir worm; knocking down the walls of Jericho; the Face of Gods. The emphasis of these stories changes when it is recognized that there were no gods or aliens involved, just the ingenuity of man.

The Fabled Shamir worm

The Fabled Shamir worm

The picture to the right shows an intense dynamic tube of energy. The power has been made as high as 15MW/sqm with the methods laid out in the Ark manual. This easily splits or melts just about any stone. Is this the fabled ‘Shamir worm’ mentioned in the Old Testament? It is certainly capable of delivering many of the feats associated with the Shamir.

The survival of the Exilic Israelites in the desert is rarely cited as a miracle. However, under this premise it becomes patently obvious why the Ark chest is so revered. Without the device, there would not have been enough energy for the reported populations to survive the wandering years. The implications here are just as relevant for people today. The modern usage of this technology is explored in ”The Sun Devices”. Whilst many of these uses are extravagant, none can match the ancient world for scale and intricacy.

The Broader Implications

There are repercussions for the theologians, which have undoubtedly been raised privately before. Whilst no one has suggested a reframing of the Israelite God based on the electrical or radioactive ideas, the Ark Manual touches on a nerve. It is not a book for the faithful, since the ramifications strike at the origins of western faiths. The explanations make it clear that the modern god is a very close relative of the Egyptian sun gods. Religious scholars might well seek to thwart the idea gaining any real traction.

This type of resistive force has already been experienced in the Asia when attempting to publish the broader Ancient Solar Premise. It is unlikely that other author’s were threatened with swift deportation by the Culture Ministry on account of their work. Irrespective of whether they touted the impossible, impractical, unlikely or just plain whacky. The tourism boards probably enjoy the benefits of most alternative ideas since they increase the interest in the ancient sites. The Ancient Solar Premise is not so welcome because it raises very awkward questions.

Several of the Ark techniques are pulled directly from a recreation of the ancient Greek tract ‘On Burning Mirrors’. This is rumored to be languishing out of sight in the Vatican basement, presumably because of the ramifications for the church. Some have already said that the Ark Manual should be burnt, though it is not clear how one burns an ebook. It might be wise to those who are interested in understanding how an Ark worked to pick up a copy.

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Ark Operations Manual

Ark Operations Manual


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The Ark of the Covenant Operations Manual

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  1. #1 by Heather on February 10, 2012 - 10:56 pm

    Great blog. Very interesting and well written. I cannot wait to read further. I am always interested in learning about the power of the sun; it’s impact on our history and our DNA. Thank you!

  2. #2 by T on April 19, 2012 - 9:14 pm

    Love your site. You mentioned 3 different stones (granite, basalt and obsidian) that are better/best solar energy conductives… my question: of the first two, which one would be the best one to not only contain an extreme energy device as the Ark of the Covenant supposedly was?
    Thank you
    T (

    • #3 by secretsofthesunsects on April 20, 2012 - 5:50 pm

      T Great question on the stones. I deal with it in the Ancient Solar Premise at length because there are different reasons to use each.It depends on what the solar device is being used for, drying, cooking, boiling etc..Each of the stones are found in a variety of ancient solar temples.
      Briefly Red granite is an excellent absorber which does not lose too much of the energy when there is no sun. Basalt is a great absorber, the more light it is exposed to the hotter it gets, provided there is an insulator to keep the heat in. Obsidian is unique in the fact that it gets to a certain temp and then no more. The additional energy added gets stored in an internal reaction and returned from it at the same temp.
      The Ark is said to use a ‘Sapphire Stone’ which is unheard of at least at the size of the base tablets. In the ”Ark Manual”, I suggest the surface of a granite was melted to make a sapphire like glass and this did the absorbing. The book is still free until the end of this month if you wish to read more on the subject.
      As for the amazing power of the Ark, the incredible feats are delivered by the sun dish which was propped up between the two cherubs on the lid. This dish concentrates sunlight to such an extent it can melt stone, fracture rocks, write in stone etc..basically all of the miracles associated with the Ark. This is also in the book and can be demonstrated by anyone. The power of an industrial strength laser was achievable with simple ancient technology see

  3. #4 by T on April 20, 2012 - 6:23 pm

    Thank you so much for your response and free e-book reminder; I look forward to reading it! The reason I asked about the stone characteristics: in an vivid dream/OBE(?) I was taken to what I intuited was an underground enclosed area and stood beside this large grey basalt/granite(?) looking stone (app. 20’x20’x4′) in which I understood contained the Ark of the Covenant; and casually standing around the stone here and there were what I again intuited was one representative of each of the original twelve tribes of “Israel” (my understanding of “Israel” is different from currently held view by most), dressed in the garbs of that time. I especially noticed the breastplates they wore with 12? gems on them just like they had been slightly hand polished and the metal hand pounded. And I understood that they guard this area always. And I immediately thought coming out of this experience, that the Ark must contain some intense energy for it to be within such a heavy stone enclosure and to be guarded this way. But what I pick up is that the who, what, and why’s about the Ark, etc. will soon be known to everyone… because it does belong to everyone on this planet. Again, thank you for your work!

  4. #5 by T on April 20, 2012 - 6:40 pm

    An in two other visions: I saw Moses holding up the two tablets that looked like they were made of jade/emerald(?) (not certain of jade/emerald properties, but there must be something to it to be used in this way, since the Emerald Tablets of Thoth are supposedly made of same); and in another, I was looking at a Sphinx that was made out of a beautiful opal/milky white-looking stone with a very subtle hint of light green to it.

    • #6 by secretsofthesunsects on April 21, 2012 - 5:34 am

      T the tablets of the Ark were said to be ‘Sapphire Stone’ this has a certain resonance with the ‘Emerald Tablets’ I have not seen either. These would be the largest precious stones ever found if they really were sapphire or emerald. They can be explained under the solar premise as stones glazed in different colored ceramic glazes and melted to the surface with the sun dish. Indeed the paper I wrote with Jan Peter de Jong on Peruvian vitrified stone showed that the ancients really did put ceramic glazes onto huge stones. I presented the technique o an Ancient Ceramic conference a few years ago. It is the only plausible explanation I have for sapphire stones.
      Intriguingly the gems of the breastplate were simply inked with the names and then shown the Shamir (which I take to be a sun dish) after which the gems were permanently inscribed. I have had some success with inscribing/discoloring various gems partially with these devices. I lifted the techniques straight from the talmudic texts.
      As for the knowledge of the Ark – I beleive this exquisite solar tech has the ability to solve many of our current energy/pollution issues. Many of the useful techniques are in the manual. As above, below- lets use the heat of the sun down here.

  5. #7 by emilycunliffe on August 11, 2014 - 8:18 pm

    Thank you! Finally a logical reasoning, the truth illuminated in it’s glory. Thoroughly enjoyed the radio show too

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