Help Reduce Poverty

Donate to Solar NGOs

There are several ways to help reduce poverty with the use of solar technology. The primary ways involve getting the devices to the people who can benefit the most from them. To this end any donations to the hundreds of NGOs operating in this field would be greatly appreciated. Here is a list of NGOs from which you can select any one to donate to by country.

Get the Paperback & Help Spread Solar Technology

We have an alternative very direct approach to spreading solar tech on the back of the books. Paperback copies of the Secrets of the Sun Sects or The Sun Devices are not widely available, we do provide signed for forty dollars, which includes delivery. For each copy purchased we deliver two Solar Rice Cookers to rural communities in South East Asia. The aim is to show the methods widely and hopefully the people will copy the devices using local materials. In this organic way the simplest most beneficial solar cookers will spread throughout the communities.

Details can be obtained by e-mailing a request to Srey Thon at

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